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Soul in Fitness is a contemporary lifestyle brand founded with a purpose of EMPOWERING individuals in their fitness journey so they can unlock their full potential. Our brand is all about celebrating one's unique journey of self-care and self-love with products that help make that happen. We have products related to fitness, but we also have products to aid in relaxation and recovery. We feel that rest is really undervalued, and only the grind is so often advertised by the media. No one really talks about how valuable it is to give the body time to rest and recover.

Our brand advocates for a holistic approach towards training and believe that rest and recovery is  as equally important as the grind in a woman's journey towards a healthier and sustainable lifestyle. There is no need to hustle yourself into a breakdown. 

Soul in Fitness is a brand based in Melbourne, Australia and was founded in May 2020 – yes, the brand was born in quarantine. We are a small business who wish to bring high quality products to those wanting to take the leap in their journey to becoming the best version of themselves. Fast forward few months later, we are proud to have helped so many women and men with their personal journeys.

We are overwhelmed by the support of the community for our small business. We'd like to get to know each one of you so please get in touch, say hi and let's connect!

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