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The journey towards a healthier lifestyle isn't easy. It can get so stressful and so consuming (not to mention PAINFUL!). No pain, no gain – right? As much as you don't want to lose sight of the goal, never forget that recovery and relaxation are as equally important as the grind!

Achieve this level of ease and comfort with our Relaxation Mat. Our mat uses acupressure, an ancient practice whose origin dates back thousands of years ago. The mat contains little spikes that will massage your skin and muscle in various strategic points to support:

          • Deep, restful sleep
          • Healthy circulation
          • Relaxation of tense muscles
          • Soothing of headaches
          • Relief from stress
          • Relaxed body and mind
          • General vitality


Every day for 20 minutes – or however long you want to – lie down on the Relaxation Mat to target your neck, shoulders and back. This will naturally relieve your neck, shoulder and back pain while relaxing the rest of your body and easing your mind. You can also use the mat to target your feet and the back of your legs. Get creative! We are sure that you will love it!




The Relaxation Mat will hurt for most people, especially those who are a little more sensitive. However, once you get past the initial newness of the sensation, you will be embraced by a feeling of tingling, pulsating warmth – leaving you with a sense of calm, well-being, and restoration. This makes it perfect for muscle recovery after an intense workout, or if you just want to treat yourself into a relaxing me-time on the couch.

So whether you are looking for a recovery partner after heavy workout or just looking for something to help you cope with stress, back, neck and shoulder pain, migraines or just looking to improve your overall well-being so you always feel your 100% – this Relaxation Mat is perfect for you.


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